The BodyTalk system™

talking to the body

The remedial method known as BodyTalkSystem™

was developed and used by Dr John Veltheim. This philosopher who is also active in acupuncture, chiropraxis and osteopathy has composed his system from the prime elements of applied cinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and yoga, holistically merging the individual elements into a new entirety (system) according to the rules of holism (from Greek "whole").
Trenner Tierheilkunde

The procedure of the BodyTalkSystem™ is as follows:

The user is systematically operating according to a 'wiring diagram', designed by John Veltheim, to locate physical parts whose internal communication is blocked by asking specific questions and careful testing of the muscle resistance. Any observed blockade will be released by gentle concurrent touching of breastbone and head.

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Therefore the BodyTalk System™ has a curative effect on bodies which suffer from certain disorders, regardless of whether man or beast. It motivates the body to activate its own selfregulation, to increase its autotherapeutic powers, to find its balance and comfort again.

Legal aspects:
Legal considerations require the following note: Naturopathic therapies are scientifically questionable and not acknowledged by professional medicine