I am using professional Canon cameras that support even fast-action scenes and accordingly fast L-class lenses, whether wide angle or tele-zoom The applied state-of-the-art technology permits any magnification of the images.
Each season has its individual charm, that's why photo sessions may take place any time of the year. Photo sessions with your animal are quite a special matter. I am going to do that perfectly individually. Very special moments may be imaged when applying lots of calm and patience and expert knowledge. Whether close-ups, portraits, motion studies or a comprehensive documentation of a breeding: everything is possible. If you are interested, I will be glad to consult you.
I will photograph your animal according to YOUR concepts, observing all your personal wishes.

It is up to you whether you want to get the final images on paper and/or CD.
Do you want to use these images to advertise your association? Or would you like to get a private calendar with your own animal(s) inside? Then call me! Printing on any advertising media, such as calendars, postcards, calling cards, note paper etc., is no problem.

Trenner Tierfotografie

Gift vouchers

Do you need one more present?

Vouchers for a photo session have turned out to be popular presents for friends or colleagues in the stable.
You may easily purchase such vouchers from me.

Trenner Tierfotografie

YOU say, I do:

Portraits | Full-length portraits | Men and animals Studio portraits | Images of competitions or training courses | Sales ads | Stud and association presentations | Gifts | Advertising articles | Postcards | Calendars | Flyers | Calling cards and much more!

Trenner Tierfotografie

General conditions for private Customers

Professional photo session per horse/dog/cat, including rights of private online use with copyright statement:

120,00 €  –> including 6 free-choice prints, 13 x 18 cm

150,00 €

including digital copies of the photo session on CD, 300 dpi, 1000 x 1500 pixels (sufficient for 13 x 18 cm prints), free running, riding (horse), conformation, portrait






Basic price plus 0,45 €/km of travel expenses are due on the day of the photo session. Reprints of further session images may be ordered: prices on inquiry - appointments on arrangement. With journeys of more than 200 km, please, provide for an overnight stay.

Trenner Tierfotografie

The client shall agree by model release that the photographer may editorially or commercially use any image made by herself or by commissioned third parties at her own discretion. Exceptions require special agreement prior to the session and add to the total prices. Material, copyright and unlimited right of use remain with the originator, Karin Boldt.

Special prices for studs/breeders - discount for 3 or more animals at the same site on arrangement.