H.E.C. - Remedial Therapie ™


This holistic therapy was developed by the Australian therapist, Helen Andrew-Smith. The H.E.C. - Remedial therapy helps to restore the internal and external balance, whether of a horse, cat, dog or small animal. The interaction of muscles and joints will be harmonised and the functioning of the organs improved. The cardiovascular and nervous systems will be stimulated.

Trenner Tierheilkunde
Maintaining health or relieving from pain will be assisted by the H.E.C. - Remedial therapy. It may be applied for enhancing energy, comfort and performance, or for rehabilitation after injuries. The performance of the immune system and the posture will be improved, the musculature relaxed and buildups dissolved.
Trenner Tierheilkunde
The H.E.C. - Remedial therapy activates the body's autotherapeutic powers. The reflex points of the animal body will be softly and precisely touched in a pre-defined sequence. Thus the patterns of physical energy and movement will be re-organised. Each animal will receive an individual analysis before treatment, and a suitable sequence of treatments will be designed. Even behavioural disorders may be corrected by this method.
Legal aspects:
Legal considerations require the following note: Naturopathic therapies are scientifically questionable and not acknowledged by professional medicine