Animal Medicine

More than 30 years of work in a major pharmaceutical company, active in experimental research, clinical chemistry, management of international project teams in clinical research focusing on cardiovascular diseases, oncology, immunology, central nervous system
Trenner Tierheilkunde

Education in energetic horse osteopathen™

at the Institut für Kinesiologie und Naturheilkunde, by Walter Salomon and Brigitte Bäcker

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Education in various muscular procedures for man and beast:

  • Practitioner BowTech, education at the Bowen Academy, Australia
  • Practitioner EMMETT technique, education by Ross Emmett
  • Practitioner HEC Muscle Release Therapy
  • Education by Helen Andrew Smith
Trenner Tierheilkunde

Education in BodyTalk

Education in Quantum Touch

Education in Matrix Energetics ® by Richard Bartlett and the Heede Institut

Education in New Russian Therapies according to Grigori Grabovoi ®

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Training in homoeopathy

Bach flower remedies, acupuncture, craniosacral osteopathy and other alternative remedial methods at home and abroad

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Education and training in horse and dog dietetics

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Riding career:

Tierheilkunde Wallesca

Trainer B horse-riding (German Riding Club qualification in 1998)

Education of horse and rider
Successful competitions in dressage,
jumping and Eventing, up to Medium level
Experience in breeding, raising and stallion keeping