My father gave me my first camera for a present 45 years ago, and from that time on, what was initially a hobby developed into a real passion. My love for animals in general and foro horses and dogs in particular paved my way to a calling which I followed.

Horse-riding was also my pastime since childhood. So, giving up the occupation that I originally learnt was at some point in time only a matter of courage. From then on, I devoted myself to that what I deeply love and enjoy doing: healing animals and photographing them.
Trenner Tierfotografie
Well, here I am! When I was 50 years and counting, I became a self-employed, energetic horse osteopath and animal photographer.
Trenner Tierfotografie
I learned a lot about horse imaging during many years of friendship with the popular horse photographer, Gabriele Boiselle (, whom I was often allowed to accompany at work. She also convinced me of the benefits of digital photography.

I would like to invite you now to a tour on my pages on photography and animal therapy.

Enjoy !