In veterinary medicine, Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is applied for treating complaints which are related to tensions of the skeletal musculature.

During treatment, the vibrating head of the matrix-rhythm-therapy device will be placed above the affected body parts of the horse, transferring its vibration to the muscles. The connective tissue (matrix) that supplies the muscular cells with oxygen and nutrients will be stimulated and the tension of the muscles will be relaxed.
Trenner Tierheilkunde
This therapy does not harm the animal. It is comforting and relaxing. Any disturbance to the natural frequency of the matrix originates from prolonged muscle tensions. In the long run, this may cause hardening of muscles, myogelosis, insurations, arthrosis and even ossification.
Trenner Tierheilkunde
The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy helps to treat diseases which result indirectly from the hardening of muscles, for example: irritations of the metabolism, allergies, hypernervosity, lack of concentration, complications with hoof growth or the spine.
Trenner Tierheilkunde
Other symptoms, such as reduced performance, lack of cooperation or reluctance against bending may indicate a malfunction of the skeletal musculature which can be treated with the Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy.
Legal aspects:
Legal considerations require the following note: Naturopathic therapies are scientifically questionable and not acknowledged by professional medicine