12.08.2011 | Two of my longest-standing patients might gallop over the Rainbow Bridge today....

Both of them taught me a lot. I was able to develop an alternative remedial method for the Cushing syndrome and to trying it at Willi, while Frency demonstrated to me that a very old hip fracture might still be mobilised. But finally, their pains had turned so unbearable that they could not be relieved any more by alternative or by traditional means....

This morning they started to gallop healthily and cheerfully across the Evergreen Meadow. They have grown 27 and 28 years old, respectively - thanks to both!

Trenner Tierheilkunde

2 days seminar on osteopathy on the Ployer farm, Austria

Date 13 to 14 May, if there is enough interest, 15 May may be attached

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Trenner Tierheilkunde

Are horse and rider a unit?
Here I will work out a concept to merge horse and rider into a unit. A separate page will soon be dedicated to the riders, too

Trenner Tierheilkunde

Offering one-day seminars and workshops on various subjects for horse-owners, horse-sharers, breeders, riding associations -
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