Any ordered job will be preceded by a specific talk with the customer to define the desired results and to inform on what will be done.

Specific activities includes:

Trenner Tierheilkunde
  • Taking the history according to holistic approaches
  • Asking for complaints and symptoms
  • Examining by suitable diagnostic procedures: e. g., segmental-reflex diagnosis, constitutional diagnosis, osteo-check (including palpation) to define the current condition, gait analysis
  • Consulting
  • Informing owners about the results of the diagnosis
  • Suggesting and explaining therapeutic options and effects
  • Performing therapeutic measures
  • karo_head_tier Treating the causes of sinew, spine or muscle disorders; increasing, promoting and optimising the performance, rehabilitation after surgery, accident or illness; Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy (MaRhyThe); magnetic field therapy applying pulsating fields and intensive applicator; soft laser therapy, laser acupuncture, laser rental for secondary home application; Mandel colour therapy; Touch for Health; cinesiology;
  • Osteopathic therapies and craniosacral treatments of horse or dog, active and passive maneuvers, muscle therapies, acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapeutic measures, remedial and stretch-and-strengthen gymnastics; embrocations; prophylaxis for preserving health and preventing accidents; examining equipment (saddles, snaffles, covers, collars), horse shoeing and positioning analysis at the horse; homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, placement of additional feed and care products (Iwest, Gladiator, …)
  • on request, organising seminars on one or more subjects
Legal aspects:
Legal considerations require the following note: Naturopathic therapies are scientifically questionable and not acknowledged by professional medicine